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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Jeroen Molenaar

Job Agile Consultant
email jeroen [at] j-mo [dot] nl
Phone number +31641856434
Company Xebia
City (Country) Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

10 faces of innovation for a Product Owner


I am an eager and result driven Agile coach / Change agent with a broad experience and background in Java (web) development and architecture. I build an extensive knowledge and experience in the Scrum methodology and am a pragmatic, hands-on, yet a creative solution solver. I like building bridges between business and IT and like to call myself the "well communicating nerd". In the agile coaching role I try to motivate team members, enabling everyone to excel in their own specific discipline. Besides that I love to get the organization in a vibe where we can create small agile speedboats from the big oil-tanker boats; get the entrepreneurial skills and behavior back to the enterprise. Create and measure proper value where it's possible and most effective! I build a broad experience as a Scrum Master / coach and have experienced the ups and downs every project faces in management as well as hands-on roles. This enables me to quickly determine, select, solve and master issues on new projects. I am a very pragmatic focused Agile coach, achieving results in accordance with clients desirements and needs. The building up a broad experience in the technical environments and a considerable amount of mobile experience and knowledge, shows my eagerness to keep up with the latest trends. Latest trend to showcase is the scrum outside of IT; ING marketing scrum. Specialties: Change Agent of mobile or web companies or teams. Agile / Scrum coach in enterprises or transitions. Presented at: Scrum gathering 2012 - Atlanta Agile 2014 - Orlando


ProductOwners should constantly innovate their product. Learn about 10 faces (personas) to help you innovate (again) tomorrow. Abstract We've all been there; you are in a meeting and someone says:' let me play the devils advocate for a second'. What they probably don't realize is that they kill all the creativity in this person in 1 second. Tom Kelley (IDEO) wrote a book about the 10 faces of innovation. These 10 faces or roles of which at least one of them suites you as a product owner. In this talk you will learn who the 10 faces are for a ProductOwner and what characteristics they show. Learn how you (as a product owner) can use the faces to revamp the innovation in your team (again). Be inspired to apply innovation without compromise in your agile organization tomorrow.

Benefits for the attendees

Goal is to move you towards innovation again and give the right tools to start. Learn what holds us back to innovate What is innovation What are the 10 faces and what are they to the ProductOwner How to innovate (again) tommorow

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