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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Patrick Steyaert

Job lean agile trainer and coach
email patrick [dot] steyaert [at] okaloa [dot] com
Skypeid patrick.steyaert
Phone number 0477 79 12 98
Company Okaloa
City (Country) Brussels, Belgiun
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Why-How-What of visual management


Patrick is currently working with a global Japanese Manufacturer, on a Pan-European business change project using Lean Visual Management methods. Patrick is a hands-on Lean and Agile Coach with an outstanding track record in delivering successful change in large and small ICT and technology organizations. He is an accredited Lean Kanban University Trainer and has a PhD in Computer Science.


People have very strong visual processing capabilities that allow them to see problems/solutions and create a shared understanding. Often this shared visual understanding is a trigger for change for the better. Unfortunately this visual capability is heavily underused in most projects and programmes; including agile projects. From our own experience with large (agile) IS projects and programmes we have learned that lack of shared visual understanding is repeatedly a root cause of failure. Visual Project and Programme Management is elegant in its simplicity. It improves project delivery performance by improved stakeholder communication, team collaboration, visibility and buy-in, at all levels and all directions, whilst reducing project administrative effort and cost. We will discuss how visualization needs to go beyond the visualization of work or tasks on a Kanban or task board. A key part of this presentation is about what exactly needs visualization to gradually create the cornerstones for a virtual project room. Different examples of boards from large IS-, product development and change programmes will be shown. When used together, these different types of boards will improve your agility and stimulate a more balanced decision making when making complex trade-offs. We will show that visualization is an essential ingredient for agility at a serious scale.

Benefits for the attendees

The presentation is a great exploration of the why-how-what of visual management. Participants will learn how to construct a virtual project room that creates a shared visual understanding and triggers change towards more agility. They will be provided with practical examples of visualisation that goes beyond the visualisation of work; including risks, opportunities, outputs, outcomes, improvement and change.

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