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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Andrea Darabos

Job Director
email andrea [at] leanadvantage [dot] co [dot] uk
Company Lean Advantage Ltd.
City (Country) United Kingdom
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Changemakers (workshop - based on Management 3.0)


Andrea Darabos is a Consultant in Lean, Agility, based in the UK. As an advisor, coach and trainer she helps organizations become more agile and customer-focused via lean change and kaizen. She coaches entrepreneurs, teams and management on continuous improvement, helps them rethink their business models, management systems and practices. Andrea is an active member of several networks on Agile, Lean, a Management 3.0 facilitator, and a frequent speaker and event organizer. You can find Andrea on twitter: @ADarabos.


Becoming a more lean and agile organization (via SCRUM, KANBAN, SAFe etc.) is a change that impacts every corner of the firm's social network and systems. This change is best managed if we look beyond lean and agile practices, and truly understand complex adaptive organizations. Changemakers is a game-based interactive workshop, during which we collect and discuss the best practices, stories of participants on leading change. We play a poker-like game while we discuss 4 different change models and experiences around them. The basis of the workshop is the book: "How to Change the World" by Jurgen Appelo - available in pdf for free. http://www.management30.com/product/how-to-change-the-world/



Benefits for the attendees

Enjoy a mojito of 4 different change models to think through various aspects of leading organizational change. Interact with each other sharing best practices of successful change leadership.

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