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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Wim Heemskerk

Job Agilist, Software Craftsman, Stoosian
email agiletour [at] gwaihir [dot] net
Company Beyond Agile
City (Country) Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference-Workshop < 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Turn the Ship Around - Create Leadership at Every Level


Wim Heemskerk helps teams to be agile in their practices. He is an Agilist, a software craftsman, and a Stoosian. As a hands-on change agent, he stimulates the alignment of process, technology and organisation. Wim connects the dots to translate complementary models and their principles to day to day actions. He works to create lasting change, the kind people say they created and wanted themselves. He supports others on their quests for agility, leadership, great software and test automation that actually pays off. You'll find him coaching and training with passion and always ready to try a fresh angle. Dirk Mulder is a senior managing consultant with a focus on Organizational Change management, Leadership, Personal & Team Coaching and Training. As a change manager and coach he works on creating lasting results by supporting and coaching indididuals, teams and organizations in discovering their limiting believes and obstacles in procedures and structures. Dirk started his career in ICT development, moved to Educational Services and has been working in Consulting Services for the last 20 years.


Organizational agility needs pro-active people. People that dare take initiative rather than do the minimum so as to avoid making mistakes. Does that seem a problem for your organisation because it needs its procedures and hierarchy badly, say for compliancy, or because your setting is just so darn complicated? What if I tell you the most empowered work environment - according to Stephen R. Covey - may well be found aboard a certain US nuclear submarine? This session is filled with the remarkable stories of that ships turn around. It will introduce you to the leader-leader model, a term coined by David Marquet to describe how he built leaders in an hierachical and strict setting with great responsibilities. Time to develop leaders, not followers.


Beamer Two flip-overs or a whiteboard

Benefits for the attendees

Attendees will learn why and how to give control (delegate). They'll walk out with actionable ideas for their first or next step(s). No need to think up a big culture change program up front. Act your way to new thinking instead, with down to earth, balanced steps.

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