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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Arik Azoulay

email arik [at] 26lights [dot] com
Phone number 32495696747
Company 26LIGHTS
City (Country) Brussels
Time 1h
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Return of experience : uMedia


Arik is working for 15 years in Technology Management, ranging from Start-ups to Large Corporations in Israel, Belgium, France and Switzerland. He created in 2011 the consulting company 26lights, starting with the question: how do we make successful IT Projetcts????? The first answer: get good developers that are motivated to use modern tech stack. The 2nd answer: Simplify complexity; don't copy paste Excel sheets to code, imagine efficient process with the business and creative solutions. The 3rd answer: give a soul to the project by aligning it to the company mission His moto: Do more with less. He loves to find the way to delivers more beauty with less ressources.


Explain why we succeeded into giving a company a strong competitive advantage in a chaos world by building a custom software suite with 2 driver: Agility and Quality. How Scrum prevented us to loose a lot of time on useless "very important features" and how high quality enable them 1/ not ot go backward because there is no bug 2/ to go forward by being very creative with their business model



Benefits for the attendees

return of experience

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