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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Arik Azoulay

email arik [at] 26lights [dot] com
Phone number 32495696747
Company 26LIGHTS
City (Country) Brussels
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference-Workshop < 100 attendees
Level Expert

Visualize your problem to get quick solutions


He created in 2011 the consulting company 26lights, starting with the question: how do we make successful IT Projetcts????? The first answer: get good developers that are motivated to use modern tech stack. The 2nd answer: Simplify complexity; don't copy paste Excel sheets to code, imagine efficient process with the business and creative solutions. The 3rd answer: give a soul to the project by aligning it to the company mission


Your software is an answer to a problem. But are you solving the right problem? What are the connections with the rest of the company? Systemic thinking can help you to understand the complexity, the relations between elements and to CLARIFY your project with your stakeholder (Sponsors, teams) We'll show you how you can apply Visual Systemic thinking using post-its, and how you can create a 1-page drawing of the scope of your project.


You need to know how to write on Post-its. You DON'T need to have drawing competencies

Benefits for the attendees

Understand the power of Visual and Systemic thinking. Get a very simple "How to" to apply it the day after, alone.

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