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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Vijayanand Nagaraj

Job Agile Coach
email vijayanand [dot] nagaraj [at] gmail [dot] com
Skypeid vijayanand.nagaraj
Phone number +352 691 850 636
City (Country) Luxembourg
Time 30'
Type of Conference Workshop / 40 attendees
Level Sensitized

Are you Really Agile - "An Agility Evaluation"


An enthusiastic IT professional having 10 years of experience with expertise in Consulting, Project Management, Coaching, Mentoring & Training. Passionately believe and breathe the agile values & principles and hence go about evangelizing the frameworks such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP) and Kanban. Knowledge on agile is primarily through hand-on experience as developer, scrum master, coach, consultant and trainer but in order to market my profile I do hold few certifications like ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Coaching, Certified Kanban Methodologist,­ CSM and CSPO ­I actively participant in several agile forums by being either an organizer of Agile India 2014 Conference as a ‘Reviewer’ for Scaling Agile Adoption theme or as member of Scrum Alliance or on agile groups in linkedin or by giving talks in Scaling Agile Bangalore meetup, Innovation Games India meetup or by volunteering in Bangalore SPIN activities. for More info refer to my profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/vijayanandn


A large number of projects have started adopting Agile methods. Most of the projects struggle to implement Agile practices in the right form and spirit to derive benefits and demonstrate success. Hence felt the need to introduce an evaluation mechanism which will assess the current level of maturity of the Agile Teams - which we called it as "Agility Assessment". The “Agility Assessment” - helps projects to assess the effectiveness of existing Agile practices and it is a quick evaluation of the Agile transformation to, - Determine how well the Agile methodologies have been deployed - Evaluate the extent of their “Agility” and maturity of agile practices - Provide guidance to take concrete steps to reap higher benefits of agile. - Develop strategies to extend the benefits of Agile-based methodologies across the organization.  The Agility Evaluation explores different dimensions like - Agile Adoption - Agile Culture - Agile Principles - Iteration Practices - Testing Practices - Engineering Practices


Participants should be currently working in Agile Projects

Benefits for the attendees

The participants will learn 1. How to objectively evaluate Agile Projects 2. Obtain inputs for the continuous improvement journey of your agile implementation.


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