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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Jas Chong

Job Change Management
email jas [dot] chong [at] ascenthcc [dot] com
Skypeid jas.chong
Phone number +3376544680
Company Ascent Human Capital Consulting
City (Country) Paris, France
Time 1h30
Type of Conference Workshop / 80 attendees
Level Everybody

HR in Agile, Agile in HR


Change management in organisation. Using agile and systemic methods in step change.


The people aspects of an agile team and organisation is not to be forgotten. But what are the HR aspects in agile and how can we help HR to help in creating an agile team and organisation? Using a past experience as a case study on how to tackle the recruitment, development and organisation aspects of HR in agile and in return how to convert HR to be more agile in responding to these needs.


For participants who are: - thinking of converting to agile. - in process of converting and have encountered roadblocks. - managing / working in teams that are a mixed of internal, external and providers.

Benefits for the attendees

- Explore team resourcing including internal, external resources. - Explore organisation set up and how to successfully transition people into a new structure. - Explore the various aspects of HR and how to work with them to advance in the transformation process. - Explore potential organisation set up and structure;

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