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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Arno Korpershoek

Job Independent consultant
email arno [at] listen2change [dot] eu
Skypeid arnokorpershoek
Phone number +31650828718
Company Listen2Change
City (Country) Rotterdam
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

SenseMaker® applications in Agile software development


Arno has 25 years experience in IT development, including 17 years as coach of professionals, teams and organizations. He has introduced new methodologies from RUP and Feature teams back in the 1990’s to Scrum and SAFe in the past year(s). He has a keen eye to align local characteristics and needs with industry best practices. His latest focus is on large scale Agile implementation programs supporting management and teams handling uncertainty and complexity using Cynefin and SenseMaking. Besides IT projects he executes SenseMaker projects in HR, fraud management and customer satisfaction programs


Cynefin and SenseMaker® remain for most people in the Agile community just words. Few people have actually seen and experienced the possibilities and strengths of SenseMaker®. This presentation demonstrates how SenseMaker® supports Agile product development. The presentation contains 4 parts: 1. Theoretical basis: Managing uncertainty, Complex Adaptive Systems, ... 2. From theory to implementation: how Cynefin/SenseMaker® support Lean/Agile concepts 3. Demonstration: Agile feedback generator; Requirements Gatherer and 1 life application: Agile Introduction Monitor 4. How to integrate the Agile Feedback Generator in a Product Development Lifecycle


Beamer; access to internet

Benefits for the attendees

- Experience a SenseMaker® application in a product development environment - Understand how to generate and process large scale qualitative feedback into Agile processes or methods - Understand characteristics to implement SenseMaker in your own Product Development and Maintenance Lifecycle - Look for and use patterns in stakeholder feedback

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