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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Dean Bodart

Job Test Engineer / Agile Testing Trainer
email dean [dot] bodart [at] m2q [dot] be
Company M2Q
City (Country) Antwerp, Belgium
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference < 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Taskular Testing


A young self-made man who loves a challenge, quality minded and a huge fan of the "Agile Development Methods", big passion for I.T., business, marketing, design, social media, mobile apps and technology. Motto: "Life is a one way street, keep moving forward, nothing is impossible, impediments are temporary and goals are there to be reached." Started my career in 2009, working as a smartphone testing engineer for LG electronics, stepped into software testing two years later, growing a love for agile development methods. Now I've ran several agile testing projects for various companies and I give Agile testing trainings.


Are you a tester who works in an Agile environment where you see a lot of "bad agile"? Then this presentation can provide you with a simple way to manage and perform your own work more efficient. Does agile use just one taskboard? When is it time to split tasks? Why do we link tasks to user stories? Etc.



Benefits for the attendees

Learn and read about story splitting, simple workload management and tactics to create tasks. The attendees can leave their e-mail addres to receive the free e-book.


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