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Submitted Conference Content

Full name


Job Agile Coach
email christophe [at] addinq [dot] uy
Skypeid addinquy
Phone number +33 (0)
Company Zenika
City (Country) France
Time 1h30
Type of Conference Workshop / 20 attendees
Level Sensitized

Acceptance Tests Workshop


Christophe Addinquy is computer addict since 1980, and he makes it his jobs for more than 20 years. First developer, then consultant, trainer, project manager and project director, he is now agile coach. During all this time, he was an Object-Oriented programming advocate, then a Design Pattern aficionado before falling in love with agile. He did that at times where these ideas were not largely spread around. He start to be involved in agility in 2001 with XP and led the effort of his company toward agility in 2005. He join an end-user company in 2007 to ignite the transition to agility as the Project Director. He join the French Scrum User Group since its beginning as the secretary and stay at the board for more than 5 years. He is now helping organizations and teams to start or improve their agile transition using practices from XP, Scrum, Lean and Lean Startup among other things.


The Acceptance Tests Driven Development is getting traction and attention by now. It basically means that business tests are written before development begins. From this point, there are many ways to achieve that and even more variations ! This workshop is based on a practice we experiment few years ago, and we regularly use by now : the acceptance tests workshop. It’s based on collective intelligence to make the business tests emerge. They will be use to validate the development, of course, but they will also help to achieve a shared understanding of the requirements and even « debug » them along the way ! Talking about it will not make you understand this practice. We will make our hands dirty and work on it : from the user stories down to BDD-like tests specifications !


People attending this workshop should have basic familiarity with agile development. They should have some knowledge of concepts such as backlog and user stories. This workshop can be valuable to people focused on the requirements side of the projects such as Product Owner or Developers with interest on business facing tests.

Benefits for the attendees

This session will give you a practical tool to collaborate around requirements and acceptance tests to make your development stronger and requirements understanding clearer from every actor. This is a tool you can use monday morning, just after the conference.

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