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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Nicolas VERDOT

Job Agile Coach
email nicolas [dot] verdot [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone number 33770058522
Company Coactiv
City (Country) PARIS
Time 2h00
Type of Conference Workshop / 20 attendees
Level Everybody

PODOJO - User Story Test Acceptance - Let's go to learn by practicing


Currently Coach Agile, I want to share human experiences. I discovered Agile in 2010 and I started to support small team projects with SCRUM and KANBAN framework. Interested in continuous integration and user experience I joined Direct Assurance as a Front developer in an Agile Team. I coached the Product Owner to write better user stories and the Scrum Master and the team to use Agile dashboard. Passionate by Agile, I have also joined many communities (PODOJO, Agile Play Ground, French Scrum User group ... ). After a good experience as Scrum Master for B&YOU I joined Coactiv to perform in Agile Life.


Train to make a user story ready for the planning game: write a user story INVEST provide acceptance criteria and use acceptance test to write specifications. In this workshop, participants will practice the daily activities of the Product Owner. They train to make a user story ready for the planning game: write a user story, refine it to make INVEST, give criteria for acceptance and write specifications in the form of acceptance tests. MAX 12 persons.


- workshop room - pens - paper - paper board

Benefits for the attendees

Learn by practicing how to write user stories ready for a planning meeting, from an initial marketing idea : • Write and slice user stories • Define acceptance criteria • Write test acceptance

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