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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Pierre E. Neis

Job Senior Agile Coach
email pneis [at] wemanity [dot] com
Skypeid pierre.neis
Phone number +352 661 727 867
Company Wemanity / We&Co
City (Country) Brussels
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

My Product is a James Bond Movie: "James wants to be a N'aavi" ... closing the roadshow loop


I'm Pierre, leading a team of Agile Coaches, still on the field to stay connected with the reality. Background: Product Management, Program Management, Change and Transition, Service Design, R&D, Global Alignment, Kaizen Coach > Lean Coach > Scrum & Agile Coach Key differentiator: Dynamic "Sports" Coach or Dynamo Coach


I launched the "James Bond Movie" roadshow last year at Agile Tour Brussels and after 7 iterations, I will close it with "James wants to be a N'aavi", here where the concept was born. Pushing the movie metaphor to unbelievable limits, I pushed James Bond in "Avatar" and try to figure out how this pattern helps to transition for change. Ready for that?



Benefits for the attendees

Inspiration and feedback of Agile Transformations, Change Techniques.

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