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Submitted Conference Content

Full name


Job Facilitator / Agile Coach
email sjaillais [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone number +33610970760
City (Country) Rennes / Nantes (France)
Time 2h00
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Buy a game - Let's seriously Play!


Simon likes to describe himself as a convinced and active agilist. He started his first agile experience with Scrum 5 years ago. Today, he is greatly involved with the organisation Agile Rennes (West of France) and its Agile Tour to exchange and raise awareness on agile values and principles. He is a facilitator at a banking IS company and a coach for teams and projects willing to implement collaborative practices. Curious and open-minded he likes to share views on what people think of agility.


Buy games you are going to play! Come and play as much as possible! Your participation will impact the choice of the game to be played... you will have to buy them with other participants! In this session, everything will be organised with innovative and serious games! Games are increasingly valuable to help teams, to train teams and to think out of the box.



Benefits for the attendees

Learn new games to improve communication, team building, workshop facilitation. Participants will leave the session with a list of games and associated rules.

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