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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Cliff Depreytere

Job Agile Coach
email depreytere [dot] cliff [at] telenet [dot] be
Skypeid cliff.depreytere
Phone number +32496690200
Company Cronos
City (Country) Kortrijk - Belgium
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Discover the shortest path to the business goal


I'm a 32 year old business consultant living in Kortrijk and working for Cronos. Mainly supporting business analysts and product owners who have to deal with numerous business needs. Putting the focus on visualizing and communicating the big picture towards all the different layers in in an organization. I'm a CSM, CSPO and CSP and highly interested in everyhting that has to deal with agile , lean , leadership , coaching, collaboration and facilitation. Next to that I'm just a cheerful guy enjoying life at the fullest :)


Session about the combination of impact mapping and user story mapping. Using impact mapping to discover the shortest path towards the business goal mainly focussed on business analysts and product owners but a technique that fosters collaborarion and co-creation between "business owners" and "technical owner". Next to that it's a great visualization technique to communicate the big picture toward all the team members or different layers within an organisation. Having the Impact Map as a high level 'roadmap' is great but how does this result into a useable 'scopeable' DEEP Product Backlog ? That where User Story Mapping comes into play where the Impact Map delivers the backbone of the User Story Map and the walking skeleton is the journey to discover and find out the shortest path towards a product customers really love. DEEP (detailed appropriately , estimated , emerging , prioritised) Both techniques are great for workshop purposes but are definitely very suitable for linking the business goals to the product backlog items and are two types of techniques that are frequently used in backlog grooming sessions.

Benefits for the attendees

Getting to know two techniques to visualize business goals and product backlogs and link them together to communicate the complete big picture within an organization. Getting to know Impact Mapping as a leverage to challenge product owners as soon as possible to think about stakeholders , business activities and the priorities that are linked to them.

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