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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Martin Van Aken

Job Cofounder at 8th color, Agile Coach
email martin [dot] vanaken [at] 8thcolor [dot] com
Skypeid vanakenm
Company 8th color
City (Country) Brussels
Time 30'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Agile Writing


I am Martin, a software engineer and team leader with a degree in economics. After some years spent in teaching future programmers, I did work as a programmer, customer contact, team leader, architect, agile coach and sometimes a mix of those. I am now spending most of my time on PullReview aiming to help Ruby developers to improve their coding practices.


When talking about Agile, most of us think about software development: Sprints leads to release, User Stories define features, and demo means showing software. I've had the chance those last month to be in contact with two different teams of writers (technical writers and economists) which started applying Agile techniques - sometime actually discovering them by themselves. Those experiences give a much broader view of the audiences that the Agile methodologies can help, while keeping true to their core: delivering value to the customers.


A minimal grasp of Agile practice (any of them) - this is not an introduction to Agile.

Benefits for the attendees

Get an idea of how Agile can work outside of the software development field and some insights about porting tried methodologies to other fields.

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